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(average 3.3 out of 5 from 6 ratings)
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Product Cogito Pop Smart Watch 3.0 Pink On Silicon Pink
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Updated On:17-02-2019 6:10 AM
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Cogito Pop Smart Watch 3.0 Pink On Silicon Pink

Updated On:17-02-2019 6:10 AM
487 AED

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Technical Specifications for Cogito Pop Smartwatch

Actual Case Dimension 42 mm
Battery conventional button-cell battery
Call In Function Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth
Display Type Backlit Screen
OS Version Android iOS 4.3+, 7+, 8+
Other Features Dual time display
Weight 40.82 g

Details of Cogito Pop Smartwatch

Cogito pop is an award-winning smart-watch designed by Cogito which features a digital combination of an app and watch that connects your active and social life together with an easy to use interface. It brings together the intuitive digital notifications of important messages of calls with classic analog time movement. Furthermore, the easy to use app helps you manage your calls, controls your music and even locates your phone.

This SmartWatch has an identical display to that of a wristwatch with hours and minute marks and 4 notification icons which light up based on the type of notification received. One of its best features is its battery life which runs on same battery (Standard CR2032) for about a year thanks to its low consumption of Bluetooth smart technology and lack of backlight feature. It can easily connect to both iOS (7 or later) and Android (4.3 or newer) devices. The app (Connected Watch) installs without any hassle and is very user-friendly in displaying how many watches are paired to the device or activating the camera app. It even allows you to take group pictures or selfies by placing the phone at a distance and taking the shot with your pop.

As mentioned earlier Cogito pop allows you to quickly check your notifications and messages without pulling out your mobile devices, you can even be notified about your misplaced phone thanks to its Bluetooth connection which starts beeping when your device is not in range. Aside from being water resistant which allows you to swim, shower or sweat with it when you are jogging and its special control button allows you to play your phone music with just a click. Cogito Pop’s capability far exceeds expectations and rather acts to its creative idea of being an extension or enhancement to your phone without replacing any of phone functionalities.

Cogito Pop watch was designed by a French designer Xavier Houy whose idea behind this device was to combine connectivity with a conventional timepiece. It measures around 257mm long, 14mm thick and 20 mm wide with a range of straps around 218 mm. It contains plastic moldings on top with stylish and flexible silicone straps and a dotted texture finish. The underside of the device is made of stainless steel making it durable and the standard single pin fastener makes it very comfortable and easier to wear. Its budget-friendly price and features make it a perfect choice for everyday use or as a thoughtful gift.

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The best price of Cogito Pop is AED 487, available at Souq.

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(average 3.3 out of 5 from 6 ratings)

Cogito Pop Smart Watch 3.0 Pink On Silicon Pink
(average 3.3 out of 5 from 6 ratings)
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