Nikai Microwave Oven 20L NMO515N9 price in Dubai, UAE

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Product Nikai Microwave Oven, 20 Liters [NMO515N9A]
Price 169 AED

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Updated On:23-05-2018 6:10 AM
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Nikai Microwave Oven, 20 Liters [NMO515N9A]

Updated On:23-05-2018 6:10 AM
169 AED

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Technical Specifications for Nikai Microwave Oven 20L NMO515N9

Actual Capacity 20 Litre
Built In/Free Standing Free Standing
Capacity Range Below 20 L
Door Opening System Push Button
Timers No
Type Solo Microwave
Unique Features Defrost setting

Details of Nikai Microwave Oven 20L NMO515N9

This microwave oven is good for families that are always on the go. NIKAI NMO515N9 provides easy and quick dish preparation and has a great surrounding decoration. It cooks dishes perfectly and heats the dish evenly and equally. It cooks foods that range from breakfast dishes to lunchtime snacks to dinner dishes and appetizer.

It is designed with a pull handle door for easy opening of the oven. It is also a countertop type of oven. It is designed with a timer but there is no built-in display. This device is a rotary control type that comes with white or black.

NIKAI NMO515N9 has a defrost setting and a cooking end signal function. There are five power levels with eight auto menus. This device is controlled manually and has a zero to thirty minutes timer. The power consumption rate of this device is 700 watts. Its capacity is 17 litres. The package weight is 11.3 kilograms while the unit weight is 10.5 kilograms.

NIKAI NMO515N9 has a digital control feature and helps you have a unique dish with the five power levels.

Pricing and Offers

The best price of NIKAI NMO 515N9 is AED 169, available at Souq.

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