5 alternatives to Google Maps for offline navigation, routing and custom-direction generation

By Rahul R Updated On Jan 4, 2018, 7:02 am

With smartphone applications having evolved even beyond internet dependence, it is only natural for users of smartphones to look-out for apps that work even without data connectivity. Main criteria under such a circumstance is app operability without having to switch on internet.

Prominent among apps, offering offline operability, is the offline maps (excluding Google Maps) that prove useful while on the move, in terms of offering navigation-related functionality.

With offline navigation being the main criteria, let us take a look at some applications that offer directions even without the help of the internet, for users of Android smartphones. Check out the list below:

Here Maps for offline navigation

Here Maps received Android compatibility only recently. The app is available for download from, here. USP of Here Maps is its ability to offer real-time traffic updates, turn-by-turn voice guidance and a comprehensive route list without users having to go online. Here Maps also offers public transit information, apart from navigation-related functionality.

CoPilot GPS

USP of CoPilot is that it offers offline maps, and guidance that users can follow to track the shortest way to a particular destination. The app also displays lane indicator arrows, along with highway exit signs to aid in effective highway navigation. Another important feature offered by the app is the ability to pull-up addresses stored in users’ contact lists and offer direct navigation to these. CoPilot is available for download from here.

RTA Smart Drive

This app is custom-made for Android users residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). RTA Smart Drive’s main objective is to offer directions and GPS Navigation to drivers to navigate through country roads in a hassle-free manner. RTA Smart Drive’s functionality is offered independent of an internet connection. The application is available for download, here.

Galileo Offline Maps

These offline maps are based on the “OpenStreetMap” data, and Android users can download innumerable geographies/countries. Galileo renders vector maps, by making use of the GPU within an Android smartphone. Click here to download Galileo Offline Maps.


Maps.Me, also works offline and, provides walking directions as well apart from conventional driving directions and general routing functionality. USP of is that it offers an “auto-follow mode” that when activated automatically orients itself to the direction in which users are travelling at any point of time. The app is available for download, here.