Top 5 Air Fryers You Can Buy in the UAE

By Nabanitha Maji Updated On Jan 4, 2018, 7:01 am

Looking for the best air fryer in the market? Opt for these:

Tefal FZ750027 (Click here for more details)

The Tefal FZ750027 air fryer features a unique stirring paddle and patented hot air system, which together ensures excellent all over cooking results. With a total capacity of 1 kg, the Tefal FZ750027 is available in white colour, along with ceramic coating. Its paddle eliminates the need of shaking or stirring the ingredients during the cooking process, allowing you to enjoy hands free cooking, not to mention less cooking time as well. It costs 799.00 AED.


Philips HD9240

The Philips HD9240 air fryer features the digital touch screen, with which you can control the time and temperature of your cooking in an easier and more precise way. You can now enjoy your favourite food, prepared at the right temperature and time for the best result. The Philips HD9240 also features the removable non-stick coated drawer, while the food basket are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Available in black colour, this model costs AED 789.

De Longhi FH1363 (Click here for more details)

The De Longhi FH1363 air fryer cooks in two directions at once: from an element below and from an element and fan above, blasting the top with hot air. The two are independently controlled, which gives the Multifry Extra the versatility to cook a wide range of foods, not just healthy chips. It has a 1.7kg food capacity and costs AED 849.

De Longhi FH1130 (Click here for more details)

The De Longhi FH1130 air fryer is versatile, hence it can cook anything from chips to chops to couscous. It features a Surround Heating System (SHS) to guarantee excellent cooking performance where food is crispy outside, and tasty and juicy inside. It costs AED 622.