ASUS AC2600 BRT-AC828 Review: A Great Dual-LAN VPN WiFi Router

Vinu Varughese Oommen
Technology Reporter
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Pros: High-Speed internet connectivity, Can handle multiple connections with ease, allows use of LTE USB modem, dual WAN, M.2 SSD slot for backups, Strong Security, Good Design.
Cons: Nothing major as the device does the job of a router with no problems.

While choosing a router for your home is an easy task, your workplace demands the one that can handle high-speed networking without any performance drops. We have received the ASUS AC2600 BRT-AC828 Business Router from ASUS Middle East, and so it’s time to take a look at device performs.

ASUS AC2600 BRT-AC828 Review: Design


The ASUS AC2600 BRT-AC828 Business Router isn’t the type of regular routers that’s installed by your internet service provider. ASUS has never failed when it comes to stylish and high-end performance products. The front and rear side of the router is comprised of a smooth hair-line like finish, along with the left and right sides with diamond-cut pattern surface.

There are four antenna points that can be installed in the left, right, and the back panel. Speaking of which, this little machine can handle up to 8 LAN connections and can accept internet inputs via its dual RJ-45 jacks. This is to assure the best of the internet speed and reliability. The rear panel also consists of the power connection, power button, WPS, reset, and one USB 3.0 port. There are also small vents on the rear side too.

On the front side are the USB 3.0 port and the LED indicators for power, the eight connections, status of 2.4/5GHz wireless connections, WAN1/2, Failover, and the SSD. Wait, did we mention that there is an M.2 SSD slot on the bottom of router that works like a mini-NAS for backup and storage.

ASUS AC2600 BRT-AC828 Review: Menu System

Just for your reference, we have taken some screenshots of how the router's menu system will look like, and just how many options are there for you to tweak and make use of the device at its fullest. Check out the gallery below. 


ASUS AC2600 BRT-AC828 Review: Performance and Features

This router supports the MIMO antenna design with 2.4 GHz, 4 x 4 and 5 GHz, 4 x 4 signals for fast and stable internet access. The device also supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ and ac WiFi standards that assure full compatibility with the old and the latest wireless products. The ASUS AC2600 BRT-AC828 also features in-built 256MB flash memory and 512MB RAM.

For security, the router offers SPI intrusion and DoS protection, along with access control, URL filter, port filter, IPSec VPN, and more. The router also has a nifty feature that lets you connect an external USB LTE data dongle as the source of the internet, and allows you to share the data access for other connected devices.

The AC2600 WiFi is capable of handling over 800Mbps with 2.4Ghz, and up to 1734 Mbps speeds with 5 GHz internet signal. This is almost 1.33x times faster than a router with 3 x 3 WiFi router. Since it’s a business router, users can set up a welcome guest WiFi page to promote themselves for customers who visit their offices.

While testing the device, the ASUS router delivered the maximum download speeds with ease, and was easily able to handle dozens of computers that were buffering FHD and 4K videos, and some were downloading huge files. We did not also come across any sort of IP conflict issues and the WiFi signal is strong enough to go through some walls without much interruption in signal strength (any day better than the one we have in our office).

Review Verdict:

The ASUS AC2600 BRT-AC828 Business Router is perfect for large-sized enterprises who require a router that can handle over 200-plus simultaneous connections that will not fail, because of the dual-WAN connections. The features embedded in the device such as guest mode and the ability to attach USB LTE data drives for more flexibility of sharing internet connections. The design of the router goes well with any good-looking office for that matter. However, the ASUS AC2600 BRT-AC828 Business Router may not be really needed for an office space with just 5-10 employees, as it's meant to handle a larger number of connections.

The ASUS AC2600 BRT-AC828 Business Router is priced at an approx. AED 2276.