The LG MH7040SS Microwave Oven Review: A Great Pick At An Affordable Price!

Nabanita Maji
Content Writer
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LG's latest, high-end microwave oven models have created quite a frenzy in the current home appliance market. These premium models manage to bind some of the best and most unique technologies along with multiple functions. One of LG's top-selling microwave ovens in the present market is the MH7040SS, designed to cook healthier, tastier, gourmet-standard food with the minimum of fuss.

Apart from its spectacular looks, the LG MH7040SS microwave oven boasts of its Echo Reflection feature, which has specially designed slots to create an environment inside the device for facilitating extraordinary heating. I recently got a chance to conduct a full hands-on review with regard to the oven's performance. Check out how it performed:

Design & display: The LG MH7040SS microwave oven boasts of a sleek and chic silver look, which is quite an attraction. It has a very solid built and an LED display, which makes setting operations simpler for you. With a capacity of 30L, this device has a spacious interior that will accommodate one 1/2-size pan in any direction or two 1/3-size pans. I used a large rectangular dish for reheating food, and to my surprise, the vessel fitted in perfectly.

The MH7040SS features EasyClean coating which makes the maintenance process easier and hassle-free. While cleaning the device, I simply gave it a quick rub with a piece of cloth, without putting much of an effort. The stains were removed at once. Its stainless steel cavity further ensures perfect cooking and heating.

Features & Performance: This LG model is equipped with a 1000W quartz heater that enables good amount of internal space for the dish to cook, at high temperature. I am quite impressed with its cooking performance and its ability to heat food quickly. Furthermore, it combines the quartz grill for better browning of the food.

One of my major disappointments with the LG MH7040SS was its I-WAVE technology that claimed even heating of food. Unlike what LG had promised; the reality was quite the opposite. While reheating some leftover pizza pieces in the oven, only a few seemed evenly warmed; while the remaining pieces were left untouched by the microwave heat. Therefore, I had to run the device 2-3 times to get the heating process done evenly and consistently.

I tested the grill, which toasted slowly but well.  The chicken roast was finely done, and so was the freshly baked cupcakes. With a power of 900W, the performance from an overall perspective, was decent enough.

Other features: With a total dimension of 509 x 291 x 404 mm (W*H*D), the LG MH7040SS is an appropriate fit in small to medium-sized kitchens. While everything looked pretty much fine, the appliance was a bit noisy during the baking process. Furthermore, the device doesn't have an inbuilt deodorizer, due to which you may at times, have to endure the unpleasant cooking odors.

Pricing: For the price of 499 AED, I am impressed with the LG MH7040SS microwave oven. It’s a great bet for those looking for an affordable option, equipped with likeable features. You may find other microwave models under the same or a slightly higher price range. On the whole, the MH7040SS is a strong recommendation.

Verdict: The LG MH7040SS microwave oven is not a fancy appliance, but it won't disappoint you either. Apart from its fine looks, this LG model stands strong for its great quality and impressive cooking performance. It's certainly not the best in the market. But considering its price, I feel the LG MH7040SS does a fantastic job.

Positives: Good looks, price.

Negatives: Loud beeps, bad odor, uneven heating at times.