Samsung WW80J5413IW/GU Review: One Of The Most Efficient And Technologically Advanced Front Load Washers In The Market Today!

Nabanita Maji
Content Writer
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Samsung is arguably one of the top brands for producing the most exciting ranges of front load washing machines. The brand's front loader machines top the list for its indispensable features. Amongst a number of high-end front load models, the WW80J5413IW/GU has become my latest favorite for surpassing all the desired expectations. The Samsung WW80J5413IW/GU has earned a reputation for being more powerful, silent and an efficient washer.

Soon after its launch, the WW80J5413IW/GU front loader became an overnight success. Equipped with premium technologies and other high-end features, this latest Samsung offering got me enthused to do a hands-on review of the appliance. Check out, how the device performed during this test:

Design & Display: Frankly, I am not going to mince my words with the design part. In one word, the Samsung WW80J5413IW/GU front load washer is a visual delight. It features a transparent Crystal Gloss Door that provides an elegant and aesthetically pleasing look. The appliance is absolutely stunning in terms of design, and it wouldn't take even a minute to grab your attention and please you.

The LCD display and controls further made it easier for me to set up and configure the washing process, and there are no complaints here. Its 8 kg drum capacity provides you more than enough for the average load size and can also fit in larger items like duvets and more. Moreover, if you have a moderately large family of 8-9 members, you can opt for the WW80J5413IW/GU washer.

Features: One of its finest aspects is the Quick Wash programme that might be an enticing feature for all the busy bees out there. I tested the quick wash option with a few lightly soiled clothes. Not only did it take far less time to run than a full wash cycle, the quick wash also managed to save a considerable amount of water. You may want to try this brilliant feature. But make the best use of it especially when you are dealing with a busy, hectic life.

The appliance is further equipped with the Eco Drum Clean technology that keeps your washing machine fresh for longer time period. And in case a clean-up is required, it automatically notifies you. But, that's not the end of all its exciting features. Samsung WW80J5413IW/GU offers more: Its Smart Check automatic error-monitoring system helps you detect and diagnose problems, providing you easy troubleshooting solutions using a smartphone App.

Performance: The Samsung WW80J5413IW/GU front loader is smooth, quiet and performs fairly well. It comes with the button Bubble Soak technology that helps to remove tough and stubborn stains from your clothes. This advanced technology is quite impressive, resulting in a gentle yet efficient wash.

I performed the wash efficiency test with some blue ink-stained clothes. Though the stains were quite old and deep, the machine did its job with utmost perfection. There are cycles for every sort of wash that can be adjusted as per your requirement.

Other features: The 1,400 rpm Spin Speed of the Samsung WW80J5413IW/GU works effectively, fast and surprisingly not too noisy compared to a few other washers I reviewed recently. The appliance features the Eco Bubble technology that promises to save a huge amount of energy by washing large loads at low temperatures. It is also certified to work for 20 years, along with a 10-year warranty.

Pricing: With a price tag of AED 2299, this Samsung appliance is slightly expensive. Generally, all the high-end Samsung front load washers like that of the Samsung WW80J5413IW/GU come under the same price range. According to me, the pricing part is absolutely worth it, considering the premium aspects and features of the machine. If you have no budget constraints, you may certainly opt for Samsung's latest WW80J5413IW/GU model.

Verdict: The Samsung WW80J5413IW/GU is one of the most efficient and technologically advanced washers I have reviewed so far. It manages to perform really well even with heavy loads, therefore I would rate this appliance a 4 out of total 5. There are no such complaints worth mentioning. Overall, the WW80J5413IW/GU is a great, high-end front load machine with exceptional features.

Positives: Looks good, great performance.

Negatives: Slightly expensive.