Samsung Galaxy View Review: A confusing strategy and investment by Samsung

Rahul R
Sr. Technology Reporter
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The Samsung Galaxy View, a freakishly large tablet measuring 18.4-inches grabs eyeballs by virtue of its sheer size and huge structure. When we viewed the tablet for the first time, our first impressions were that the slate was comparable to a television. We are not sure if Samsung wants its Galaxy View tablet to replace televisions. But the sheer stature of the tablet got us interested in conducting a hands-on review of the device.

Check out how the Samsung Galaxy View performed, below:

Display and Design

The gigantic 18.4-inches display, offered by the Samsung Galaxy View, has resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels with pixel density of approximately 120 ppi. The touchscreen here, is TFT capacitive. The display supports both Multitouch as well as 16 Million colors.

During our testing, the Samsung Galaxy View came across as a purely multimedia watching device, rather than as a proper modern slate that can be used for a variety of tasks. Video watching was fairly good, the sharpness of rendered image/video content, though not amazing, just matches up to that of conventional televisions that are restricted only for use at home.

The Samsung Galaxy View is accompanied by a kickstand which Samsung claims users can use to position the large slate at convenient viewing angles.

As far as the dimensions and weight go, the Samsung Galaxy View weighs in at more than two and a half kilograms and measures 451.8 x 275.8 x 11.9 mm.

Even with the kickstand, the Galaxy View comes across as very plain. We were disappointed with the overall looks of the device, its outer hardened plastic frame notwithstanding.

Processor, Memory and Performance

The Samsung Galaxy View, under-the-hood, incorporates a 1.6 GHz octa-core Cortex-A53 CPU within a Samsung in-house Exynos 7580 SoC with 2 GB RAM onboard.

During our testing, we had problems while multitasking when more than two apps required to be open at a time.

Nonetheless, we could view stored photos/videos without glitches or lags. Even internet connectivity was up to the mark.

Do not expect high-end games to function as expected within the Samsung Galaxy View, as graphic rich games like Asphalt 8: Airborne (and more) hardly seemed to load, even if they did, the process took ages.

For storage, users get to choose between 32/64 GB internal storage variants that is expandable up to 256 GB with an external microSD card.

Samsung’s bloatware too does not help as these can only be disabled manually and not completely deleted from the Galaxy View tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy View does help in office work, especially if there are word documents to be edited and worked upon. To create PowerPoint slides (with image rich content), it took a lot of effort as the slate lagged at regular intervals.

This section is displayed dominantly whenever the Samsung Galaxy View is switched on.

Finally, the overall instruction processing capability of the processor is questionable, but is OK when you don’t have multiple apps to open and work on simultaneously. Samsung has also auto customized the home screen within the Galaxy View slate and has a dedicated section filled with shortcuts to popular online video and streaming services from across the web.


This is almost non-existent as far as good photography is concerned, but what is there includes a dismal 2.1 MP rear camera having aperture of f/2.2. Daylight imagery was fairly good during our testing, but do not expect any photos even in low-light conditions as the camera simply stutters in this scenario.

This primary camera lets users capture 1080p videos at 30 fps.

There is no front camera, which means video calling cannot be achieved via the Samsung Galaxy View 18.4-inch tablet.

Operating System, UI and software

The Samsung Galaxy View runs Google’s now legacy Android 5.1.1 Lollipop operating system out of the box. The overall user interface (UI) is average and was lagging at times during our testing.

Battery Life and Verdict

Samsung Galaxy View is powered by a fixed 5,700 mAh Lithium-Ion battery. During our testing, we obtained a backup time of nearly 8 hours when we watched videos and streamed these. But when usage is restricted to basic (that includes editing documents and basic internet), the battery backup time rose slightly but this rise was not significant.

The battery life also dipped significantly when we ran games; but those preferring (if there are any) to use the tablet as a general movie watching device would be happy with the offered battery life.

During our time with the Samsung Galaxy View, the device came as a no-gooder, and its performance could be measured only by keeping multimedia viewing as a parameter. However, this makes for a good display device, to display vital information, in places such as hospitals.


Samsung Galaxy View is priced exorbitantly, in the UAE, at AED 2,519. This device is not worth the price tag.


Good for watching multimedia content, battery life


Performance lags, bloatware.