Apple MacBook 12 2016 Edition Review: An improved device, but not extra-ordinary as was expected

Rahul R
Sr. Technology Reporter
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Apple’s 12-inch new MacBook released this year got us excited considering the fact that we were on the lookout for a new portable computer that could double up as an office device as our very liberal office environment has implemented the Bring Your Own Device “BYOD” policy.

In fact, we simply did not want to conduct yet another conventional review of a test unit of the new Appel MacBook 2016 offered by a PR agency; we purchased a new 12-inch MacBook 2016 with the belief that the device would not cheat us of our investment.

Since we had the device to ourselves, we also conducted the laptop to multiple performance tests. Here’s what we have to report:

Design and Display

Upon unwrapping the 12-inch Apple MacBook, we felt that the device’s externals were impressive considering the fact that the laptop is made up of hardened yet attractive Aluminum outer body. We chose the Silver outer color scheme from among the Gold, Space Gray and Silver color schemes that are offered to buyers.

We feel that the biggest USP of the Apple MacBook 12-inch laptop is its ultra-thin weight. We placed the device in a backpack and carried it during our train journey as well. This was when the laptop gave off a feeling of being ultra-light as we could hardly feel the presence of the device in our bag (that we had strapped on the back).

The Apple MacBook 12, on paper weighs in at less than a Kilogram, and the laptop gave off a similar feeling and experience as well.

As far as its actual display is concerned, the Apple MacBook 2016 edition features a 12-inch LED-backlit IPS Retina display that has resolutions of 2304 x 1440 with pixel density of 226 ppi. This display incorporates a 16:10 aspect ratio.

During our testing, we found the display to be sharp enough as images rendered were crystal-clear. We also tested out the laptop in full sunlit bright outdoor conditions and found that we could make-out the contents on the screen with minimal glare.

We could also clearly watch 4K movie videos with very less of the conventional pixellation effects.

However, one down-size of the Apple MacBook 12 2016 edition is the single USB-C port

Processor and Memory

Under-the-hood, the 12-inch Apple MacBook laptop incorporates a 1.2GHz dual-core Intel Core M5 processor that works in tandem with an 8GB RAM.

During our testing of the laptop, by running multiple processes custom-made for completing office work, the new Apple MacBook 12, we found the device to perform fairly well in a multi-tasking scenario. We could easily create and deliver multiple-presentations even via the cloud whenever on the move as well.

We also checked out the internet browsing scenario, by having 11 open tabs in Safari web-browser, the performance here was satisfactory considering the fact that no significant lags in performance could be encountered.

Editing of photos and streaming of videos also seemed satisfactory.

For storage, users get 512GB of PCIe-based onboard flash storage.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The Keyboard, offered by the Apple MacBook 12inch 2016 edition laptop, is slim and the keys are largely designed. We found it a pleasure to type on the keyboard even when we were working on some real documents.

An important aspect of the Touchpad is the Force Touch functionality (also found on newer iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus). Working of this aspect proved a pleasure during our time with the device.

Software and Battery Life

Apple’s latest PS X El Capitan does a good job as far as offering a decent user interface (UI) is concerned. The multiple color customization selections make the overall UI rich and comparatively colorful.

During our testing, we could not encounter any significant lags, save for minor ones in certain apps; but again these are totally dependent on the source from where they are obtained.

The battery, the 41.4 Watt-Hour Lithium-Polymer battery, supplied us nearly 9 hours’ worth of backup during our testing. However, watching full movies within the laptop reduced the battery life by half.

The single USB-C port serves as the charging port for the Apple MacBook 12-inch 2016 edition.


The 12-inch Apple MacBook 2016 edition laptop passed-off as an improved device; but we still don’t find its performance extraordinary. The single USB-C port is a major let-down.


In the UAE, the new Apple MacBook 12 is priced at an exorbitant AED 6,299.


Outer design, Force Touch functionality, light-weight and slim design


Single USB-C port, a slightly advanced processor is needed.