App Review: Is the JadoPado mobile app as good as the website?

Vinu Varughese Oommen
Technology Reporter
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E-commerce websites as we know it are undoubtfully one of the most highly visited platforms on a daily basis. But with the increase in mobile usage over the years, users have been preferring to make online purchases through smartphones. So, the application that reflects the website needs to offer customers a pleasant online mobile shopping experience (and great deals too!). We take a look at the shopping app from one of the biggest e-commerce sites of the region-JadoPado.

Design and Features

Having a mobile shopping application on your smartphone can be better than trying to buy something using the built-in phone browser as the app itself is better fine-tuned and optimized for a great mobile experience. It appears that JadoPado wanted to bring most of the styles of their main desktop website into the app so that users still feel a familiar experience with what they are using, without wasting too much time to figure out every feature of the app. The first thing that you would see at the top are banners that highlight the best deal/exclusive product of the day. You can easily slide the banners to see the next offer.

Right under the banner, you will find the complete list of departments in the form of colorful icons. While it does look neat, I think that section does take up a bit of the home screen space, since these departments can already be accessed from the side menu in a better way.

Moving on downwards, you will find the three tabs that many would already be familiar with the main website: Top Savings, New Arrivals, and Best Sellers. Since these three tabs are one of the top highlights of the website, we would have preferred that it was placed right below the top main banner. Each of the tabs highlights its own list of products in a row-based slider. This selective-tab style is smart since it won’t eat up much of the space. Users will be able to click “See More” to enter into the main page of that respective section for more deals and offers.

Under this section lies the JP’s Deals were a row of products is being highlighted. But we were wondering as to why did JadoPado add separate sections for “New Arrivals” and “Best Sellers” when they have already added a great tab-based section on the top portion of the app’s homepage. Going further down, the application showcases a row-based list of “Featured Stories” from particular sellers, and then comes the list of brands that you can choose if you’re brand specific. Oh, and did I forgot to mention that there is a search button on the home page that can be accessed anytime.

The end of the app showcases some suggestions such as “Top Picks” and “Cool Stuff You’re Interested On”. I think it would be better if JadoPado does some good rearrangement of the sections, and omit some which are kind of repetitive.

The left side menu is simple and straightforward. You get to choose categories such as Featured Offers, On Sale, New Arrivals, Best Sellers. Remember that I mentioned about the alternate way to access the list of “Shop by Departments”? Well, that’s within the left-sided menu, sorted cleanly in the alphabetical order.

The next thing I would be talking about the content that’s seen on a product page or a deal. For example, the page of the superb Xiaomi Mi MIX edge-to-edge Android smartphone. Along with a series of images, the JadoPado app showcases all the important details that the user would want to see, such as the current price (including the old price), the number of units available, estimated delivery, warranty, and payment options. The payment options are showcased in the form of icons, whether it's card or cash.

If you’re looking for sellers who offer better prices, simply scroll downwards and you will find more sellers who offer the same product. One of my main concerns while buying a product online is to see if the seller itself is reliable or not. You can check about the seller by clicking on their shop name in the end, and see the other products that they offer along with user reviews. You can also share a specific product page, add the product instantly to your cart, or buy the product immediately using the menu that’s always highlighted at the bottom of the app.

Signing up for a new user account, or signing in using an existing account is easy by clicking the JadoPado head icon that’s placed in the top right portion. The options are followed by choosing your country and currency. The app also lists other options to read such as Help for Buyers, Blog, Forums, Stuff we love, Terms of use, and so on. While that settles our major walkthrough of the app, I must also add that JadoPado is offering users a 10% price discount, if they make their purchase via the JadoPado application. It's a great offer indeed but the terms and conditions say that the discount is only valid for the first purchase through the application, regardless if you change the device or switch to another user account.


The new Jadopadp application is a great and fun way to shop (and window shop) your favorite products, and keep an eye on the best deals and offers that's available on the market. As compared to other competitors such as app, it's quite hard to say which is better because both these applications offer the same kind of offers, deals, and both showcases the features in their own respective ways that highlight its own websites.

That said, there are few issues that I hope JadoPado can rectify. One would be that the department section on the home page can be pushed after the top brand's section, and the 3-tab section which has "New Arrivals, Top Savings, and Best Sellers" should come down of the main banner at the top. The JP deals section can have a "See More" option, and the separate sections for "New Arrivals and Best Sellers" can be omitted since it's already there on the home page.

The Pros and Cons

Pros: Highlights most of the features of the main website, great deals and offers, direct one-click purchases

Cons: Some sections needs re-arrangement

Google PlayStore Rating : 4.4