BenQ SW2700PT Review: The photographers monitor

Vinu Varughese Oommen
Technology Reporter
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While gamers always require monitors with the fastest refresh rate and response time, media professionals and photographers require a display that offers the most accurate and vibrant colors possible, deep blacks and wide color gamuts that cover most of the AdobeRGB. Thanks to BenQ, we now review the BenQ SW2700PT color management monitor for photographers.

Design and Connections

Setting up the BenQ SW2700PT color monitor is easy and straight forward. The monitor comes only in in a single black color option. While the main display features a simple and sturdy design, the stand of the monitor features a brushed hairline finish. However, we wished that the bezels of this monitor could have been thinner.

Additionally, there is a height adjustment tool on the back, which goes all the way to 130mm. There are two USB 3.0 ports and one SD card reader placed on the left side.

The connectivity options on the BenQ SW2700PT monitor includes one DVI-DL port, one HDMI 1.4, one Display Port 1.2 and one headphone jack that’s placed on the rear. I think it would have been better if BenQ would have placed the audio jack on the side of the monitor.

There is another feature of the BenQ SW2700PT monitor that can help photographers and media professionals clear out all their glaring problems with a monitor. The display comes with several shading hoods that can be placed on the left, right and upper bezels of the display.

Specifications and Control

Since I do a lot of cityscape and nature photography using my Sony A6000 camera as my pastime hobby, it was the perfect opportunity to check out all my shots and videos in its most vibrant colors on the BenQ SW2700PT color monitor. This 27-inch AHVA (IPS) monitor features a resolution of 2560 x 1440 sharpness. According to BenQ, the display has a brightness rating of 350 cd/m2, a contrast ratio of 1000:1, and an impressive 99% AdobeRGB color gamut coverage. All these means that you get the most impressive blacks and the solid colors in its truest form.

The first thing I did with the monitor was to adjust the color presets according to my liking, and it was easy thanks to the numerous presets preloaded in the monitor. While the BenQ SW2700PT monitor has dedicated OSD menu buttons on the bottom right side, the whole package came with a circular and a portable OSD controller. The OSD controller has dedicated preset mode buttons, along with a back button, directional buttons, and an OK button. To be honest, I’ve always found most of the inbuilt OSD buttons on many monitors to be quite hectic to use unless it has a small joystick. But this portable OSD controller makes the selection of the menu and options very easy to operate.

In the BenQ SW2700PT OSD menu, you get to choose the input port, a color mode list with a range of customizable presets that’s already factory calibrated, a color adjust menu, and system settings to adjust monitor preferences such as setting the custom keys, OSD settings, HDMI PC color range, AMA and more. In the Color mode list, you get presets as Standard, Adobe RGB, SRGB, a Black and White preset, Rec. 709, DCI-P3, Photo mode, Custom presets, and a low Blue Light mode to protect your eyes from strains.

The color adjustment list on the BenQ SW2700PT allows you to adjust the color, brightness, contrast, sharpness, the color temperature, gamma count, color gamut range, Hue, Saturation level, the Black level and an option to reset all to default settings.


I used the BenQ SW2700PT monitor with the standard preset mode activated and checked out some of the images and videos. Just to mention, I use my Sony A6000 APS-C E-Mount mirrorless camera with a Sony 35mm F.18 lens, a Sony 18-105 F4 zoom lens, and a Samyang 12mm F2 lens. So, I tried out some of the most colorful images and videos on the monitor.

The colors appeared great without me adjusting the color settings of the monitor, and this is just the standard color mode. Other monitor modes appeared with solid colors and good sharpness, thanks to the 1440p resolution of the BenQ SW2700PT. Oh, and the viewing angles of this AHVA IPS panel are great too.

Advanced Options

For hardcore media pros and photographers, the BenQ SW2700PT monitor comes with a calibrator tool and by using the Palette Master Element allows to fine tune and maintain the color to the most optimal performance. Support calibrators include X-Rite i1 Display Pro / i1 Pro / i1 Pro 2 and Datacolor Spyder 4 / Spyder 5‎.

Conclusion and Pricing


Photographers and media professionals who spend most of their time editing and fine tuning their work deserves to work on a platform that allows them to see the deepest colors, sharpness, and accuracy without any hassles. The BenQ SW2700PT monitor with its wide-range of color presets that's already factory calibrated, makes the editing job of media professionals easier. BenQ says that the BenQ SW2700PT is priced at AED 2749, and is available at Grand Stores. It could have been better if the price tag was slightly lower.


  • Simple and Sturdy Design
  • Easy to setup
  • Color Presets are perfectly calibrated with no adjustments needed
  • OSD controller


  • Inclusion of more input ports could have been better
  • Bezels could have been thinner
  • Bit pricey for a 1440p pro-monitor