Microsoft: Game Pass Prices Rise and Become More Complex

Microsoft is raising the prices for its Game Pass subscription and restructuring the Xbox gaming subscription service. Current subscribers will see changes starting in September.

Price Hikes Across the Board

Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription prices are increasing across all variants. Additionally, the Xbox version of the Game Pass will undergo restructuring. New customers will have to pay the new prices immediately, while existing customers will see the changes from 12th September.

New Pricing Structure for PC and Console Players

PC gamers will continue to have access to the PC Game Pass, which will now cost €12 instead of €10. Console players will face a completely new structure: the previously €15 Xbox Game Pass for Console will be replaced by the Xbox Game Pass Standard, which will cost $15 per month in the US. The price for Germany has not yet been announced. Compared to the previous version, the new Standard tier is more limited: new games will only be added to the Standard subscription after a delay. Existing customers can keep their current Xbox Game Pass for Console as long as they do not interrupt their subscription.

Annual Subscription for Xbox Game Pass Core

The restricted Xbox Game Pass Core for Console will only be available as an annual subscription, costing €70 per year instead of the previous €60. This plan offers access to a significantly reduced game library and allows multiplayer gaming on Xbox.

Game Pass Ultimate Sees a Price Increase

For those who play on both PC and consoles, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft’s highest subscription tier, will now cost €18 per month, up from the previous €15. Microsoft provides an overview of the price increases in a PDF document.

Increased Costs and Complexity

Overall, Microsoft’s Game Pass is becoming not only more expensive but also more complex. While PC gamers will experience a relatively modest increase of €2 per month, Xbox console gamers will face a tiered subscription system: Standard members will receive delayed access to new games. Those seeking parity with the PC Game Pass will need to subscribe to the Game Pass Ultimate on consoles.