Dubai Police installs advanced devices to monitor traffic violators

By Team Feedbaac

To thwart the problems caused by rash drivers and traffic violators, Dubai Police has started to deploy advanced monitoring devices called “Rasd”. The devices will be able to detect these drivers, and also take down details on the type of car and color.

Those who don’t follow lane marking, intersections, and those who do rash/hard turns will instantly be detected by these devices, in turn alerting the command and control to purse the car with nearby Police patrolling vehicles. Dubai Police plans to deploy over 70 of these monitors across the city in key locations, said Lt. Colonel Khazraj Majed Al Khazraji, the Director of the Command and Control Centre, Dubai Police.

These detectors or advanced cameras are based on the program called Al Motabea’a (which means “the supervisor”). The installments of these new devices should bring some relief for those who have been suffering these harsh drivers in Dubai’s roads.