Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 shipments delayed due to ‘exploding batteries’

By Team Feedbaac


It seems that although the Galaxy Note 7 is water-resistant, it’s still susceptible to catching on fire while charging. Two users in Korea reported issues with their Note 7 yesterday, claiming their phones exploded while charging.

In response to this, Samsung has sent out statements that they will be suspending shipments of the phone so as to perform additional quality checks. Around 400,000 units in the United States and Korea are said to have been affected by this issue and there will be recalls for these devices. 

This isn’t the first time a new phone has faced such issues and it might not be the last either. But the repercussions of this has been felt as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s business reportedly suffered $7 billion in loss of market value.

With Apple’s new iPhone 7 release next week, things do not look so good for Samsung. The Note 7 has been facing high demand and supplies have barely kept up, so even a slight delay in shipping could have some substantial effect on their overall sales.