Adblock Plus will officially allow ads with a new initiative

By Team Feedbaac

The company behind the popular Adblock Plus “ad” blocking browser extension has brought in an ad-free pleasant experience for users for years, while being a huge problem for many publishers and bloggers who earn from the clicks and impressions on these ads. That said, it appears so that AdBlock Plus has officially introduced a new plan called the “Acceptable Ads” initiative that will supposedly allow developers and publishers place whitelisted ads which seem to defeat the whole purpose of the app.

Web developers and ad publishers will first need to submit their ads to be scanned it fits the Adblock guidelines. Once accepted, the ads will be whitelisted, thereby showing up on the user’s browser. This way, users will only be seeing a few of these ads instead of many or no ads.

Along with the new announcement, users were furious about the new changes that were taking place, and were considering to switch for other ad-blockers. Following the comments, Adblock Plus confirmed that users will still be able to disable the new initiative for an ad-free browsing experience.