Samsung Arabia offers Note7 exchanges in the UAE for those who have purchased it from a different country

By Team Feedbaac

We know that Samsung is working hard around the clock in resolving the issues of the Note7 battery disaster. There are also ways in checking if the device is faulty by checking the IMEI of the Note7, but that only applies for US-based models.

It happens so that we had approached Samsung’s Mobile Arabia Twitter page, and asked them if the IMEI checker applies for the Note7’s sold in the Middle East. While they didn’t exactly answer our question, Samsung Mobile Arabia mentioned that they are ready to exchange all Note7 devices, regardless of which country you purchased it from, even the US.

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is easily one of the best phablets ever made, Android or otherwise from any platform. But with the unfortunate battery issues that have caused concern over the user’s health and safety, the company has a lot of cleaning up to do and regain their user’s trust over quality products. We applaud Samsung for their rapid response to the issue, regardless of the cost they have to face.