Apple plans to launch new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air soon with Intel Kaby Lake processors, says analyst

By Team Feedbaac

With the new iPhone 7 series smartphones already in stores, analysts believe that Apple is now preparing to launch the much-delayed, and latest versions of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air devices. The new refreshed models which are expected to be announced in October, is said to come with the latest Intel Kaby Lake processors, according to an analyst from Rhoda Alexander from IHS Securities.

Alexander in an interview with the Forbes, believes that Apple had already started the production of both the new MacBook models since the second quarter of 2016. That said, the chances where Intel would have already had their Kaby Lake processor line-up is still mysterious- which she actually agreed on during the interview.

There were other reports as well of the fact that Apple may be planning to switch to NVIDIA graphics, instead of the AMD Radeon Polaris GPU. Interestingly, some new reports have emerged that Apple may be interested in opting for the upcoming notebook versions of the AMD ZEN processor for future MacBook products. ZEN is AMD’s latest venture project to bring themselves back into the performance processor market and compete head on against Intel.

According to previous rumors, Apple plans to add new features to the MacBook Pro, such as a secondary OLED touch panel/screen which allows users to interact without using the main display, the possibility of a Touch ID sensor, and probably the removal of the 3.5mm audio jack. Apple has been conducting surveys among their existing customers on whether they use the audio jack on their MacBook Pro.