Top-up your Nol card with just your NFC-enabled Android smartphone

By Team Feedbaac

Soon from next month onwards, users will be able to top-up their Nol cards via their NFC-based Android smartphone devices, through the Public Transport application. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will roll out the final version of the new Smart Fare project will roll out this coming October.

Reports also indicate that RTA will add more services and features in the coming months. “The Smart Fare project uses the NFC technology i.e. tapping Nol card on smartphones (Android devices) in which the Public Transport Smart App is uploaded”, said Khaled Al Awadi, the Director of Automated Fare Collection, RTA. “The customer would then be able to top-up the Nol card instantly and buy a bus and metro permit without visiting ticket counters.”

Users will only need to add their credit card details in the app, and the credit can be transferred instantly to the Nol card via NFC. With this new feature added, the majority of users will not need to wait on the top-up counter queues for Nol card recharges. What do you think of the new feature?