Uber shifts gears for UberEATS in Dubai, delivers your favorite food from popular restaurants

By Team Feedbaac

If Uber cabs have been a blessing for many users in Dubai to quickly reach their destinations without any hassles, then they are in a treat regarding food delivery. Introducing UberEATS, Uber’s new delivery service that can bring your favorite dish from hundreds of popular restaurants, anytime from 11am to 11pm.

It happens so that Dubai is a part of the selected 32 cities for UberEATS. “Bringing UberEATS to the UAE was a no-brainer for us. Dubai has become a culinary powerhouse in recent years, with an average of four new restaurants opening every day. The UberEATS app has been a huge success in every city we’ve launched in and we think Dubai will love it too. With UberEATS, people can get great food at the touch of a button. We are a key part of Dubai’s infrastructure and we know how this city moves”, said Jambu Palaniappan, the head of UberEATS EMEA. “UberEATS uses this knowledge to help deliver people’s food more efficiently than ever before. We are looking forward to becoming an even more important part of the lives of the people of Dubai by enhancing the way people connect with the city and by helping customers to discover new foods and enjoy more of what Dubai has to offer.”

Users will be able to start using the new service from this coming Thursday onwards. All you need to do is download the new UberEATS app, enter your home address and other details, and select from a wide collection of restaurants according to their preferences.