Samsung reportedly halts Galaxy Note7 production, fifth replacement unit burns out, (UPDATE: Samsung officially stops the production permanently)

By Team Feedbaac

With the recent burning situation Samsung is facing, it appears so that the company has reportedly halted all the Galaxy Note7 productions, according to Yonhap News, a Korean based new agency. While there were reports of replacement units being burned out again, the number of devices has reached a total of five by now.

This is a serious situation for all the Samsung Galaxy Note7 users, and the company itself. There were reports that Samsung kept quiet about certain reports of Note7 explosions that were marked as safe. The present declaration to halt the productions was pressured from the customer safety regulators from South Korea, US, and China. We don’t know what went really wrong with Samsung, as the smartphone could have been a great hit because of its premium features.

Retailers around the globe, including in the UAE, have already halted the sales of the initial batch of Note7s, so it’s a matter of time the replacement batch sales will also be stopped in the local stores. We hope that Samsung tries to save its brand value and name in the smartphone market. We will have a word with Samsung Arabia about the status of the devices if they need a replacement again, so stay tuned for more updates.