12 million counterfeit phones worth more than AED 327.4 million was seized in Dubai this year

By Team Feedbaac

Between the months of January and September 2016, the Department of Economic Development (DED) has reportedly seized over 12 million smart devices which includes phones and accessories. The seized products are valued almost over AED 327.4 million.

Ebrahim Behzad, the Head of Intellectual Property Rights division at DED stated that these counterfeiters are thinking new and innovative ways to hide and produce fake products, and they are thinking ways to combat this serious crime. A fish shop at International City was found to be holding over 5000 counterfeit products when they actually suspected the shop if they have the license to load tanks with live fish and shrimps.

The Dubai Police says that the counterfeit and fake products are a danger to the society, and believes that the common society should also take efforts on not buying these fake products. These fake products will not be following the safety standards and specifications that the original smartphone model will be having, which will in turn be a danger to the customer.