PlayStation VR officially launches today, taking console gaming to another dimension

By Team Feedbaac

The long-awaited PlayStation VR headset finally enters the market today with the launch event at Souq Atrium at Dubai Mall. The PS VR with the headset alone comes in at 1,599 AED while a bundle with the PlayStation Camera would cost 1,849 AED.

Sony is planning on using its advantages as an established gaming and entertainment ecosystem provided by the PlayStation franchise to bring Virtual Reality to mainstream consumers. This will be the first real test of whether VR can be a significant player in the market of entertainment systems.

At the launch event, we got to try out selected games from the line-up of VR titles available at the time of release. This included Drive Club VR, which served the purpose of showcasing how some game titles work well with virtual reality. We were provided a functional cockpit view while driving the car, making the game more realistic and easy to play.

Some of the other games on display were Batman: Arkham VR, The London Heist and The Deep, each representing multiple facets of the PlayStation VR headset’s versatility and ease-of-use. For the time being, there are still a limited number of titles that are available on the PlayStation VR and they consist of either short games or environments to explore. Sony has acknowledged that what the titles currently have to offer are brief experiences that showcase VR technology rather than full-fledged hours of gameplay.

The race for the major stakeholder of mainstream virtual reality is underway and only time will tell if Sony has what it takes to reach the minds, hearts and living rooms of the regular console gamers.