New Innovations In Household Appliances Make them Compact And Portable

By Pratyusha Sen

With devices getting compact and portable, handy innovations of common electronic devices are always welcome. In keeping with innovation in household appliances come two unique products –

Portable Microwave – Designer Jake Rich has created a concept design for a microwave that is a portable as it is compact. Called as Mediumwave, this microwave oven has a dinner plate sized footprint with a dome shaped lid which makes it easy for the user to monitor the food and stir it if necessary. This new microwave design is portable to the extent that it can also be used in a car making it possible for morning commuters to make breakfast and warm coffee while en route to work.

The microwave is equipped with a set of wheels which makes it easy to move around.  A light inside the oven lets you know when it is operational and the brightness of the light adjusts itself based on the intensity of heating.

Portable Washing Machine – While the portable microwave is still in the conceptual stage, Yirego, a Toronto based company for innovative household appliances, has developed a washing machine which can run without a power outlet. The 22 inch tall Drumi from Yirego can clean six to seven garments easily with no need for a power source or solar panel. The machine has the capacity of holding 5 liters of water and runs on energy generated by a foot pump. Once the washing is done, a release valve on the underside of the machine can be activated to drain away the water and the machine is then spun to wring out the garments.

The Drumi is a great camping accessory as it can easily be stored in the trunk of the car. But, it is equally useful in the house during emergiences when electrical supply may not be available. The Drumi will be available in July next year for $129.

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