Dubai Police showcases the latest in Augmented Reality, Smart Apps, and Future Robotics at GITEX Tech Week

By Team Feedbaac

At the GITEX Technology Week 2016, the Dubai Police showcased some of the cool new technologies that can help them to nab criminals who are on the loose, using smartphone applications and AR powered software.

One of the apps called the M-Police allows an officer to take the picture of a person and upload the data into the system for facial recognition. The application will search the database and acquire the information of the person for the officer in charge. This kind of application for police officials will surely help them to recognize if a person is a criminal or not.

Another concept vision involves the ability to send smart robots to attend standard police duties in the ground, instead of sending the officer himself. The robot will be controlled from the headquarters while they interact with the user. The robot itself sports several smart sensors and cameras onboard, including a large display. The over-all look of the robot sort-of resembles a humanoid in some way, sans the lack of arms.

The Dubai Police also demonstrated some advanced technologies that should help to recognize criminals. One of them includes the Intelligent Facial Recognition that amazed us for its powerful recognition algorithm. The Police officials can take a snap of the person from a surveillance camera. The image of the person is scanned throughout the video database.

We were amazed by the fact that it recognized our faces from the tons of GITEX surveillance videos, and showcased the clips we were in. This is a serious next-generation technology that has only been seen in Sci-Fi movies.

Another application that uses Augmented Reality based Policing technology allows the officer to get information about almost anything in the city, whenever and wherever he points his smartphone at, be it about a car, the driver in the car, the details of the make of the car, the owner of a house, the details of a shop, waterlines and electricity supplies on an area, and so on.