LG Showcases its premium Signature Series Home Appliance products and impressive displays at GITEX

By Team Feedbaac

At the GITEX Technology event, LG showcased some of their best display concepts and the premium Signature Series Home Appliance products. Some of the Signature products include the Refrigerator, the Washing Machine, the Air Purifier, and the OLED TV. These products offer different gesture interaction features not seen on any other brand.

The LG Signature Series Refrigerator consists of four main steel doors, one of which has a look through the glass that lights up the internal compartments by just knocking the door twice. It’s called the InstaView Door-to-Door that lets users see what’s inside the device without the need to open the fridge. Another feature called the Auto Door Open lets users open the door of the fridge by just showing their feet next to a sensor that’s placed underneath the fridge. This comes to use when the user has their hands full with groceries. The device offers great space for food storage. It also has the capability to connect to WiFi networks. The cost of the device is expected to be AED 39,999.

Next comes the LG Signature Series Washing Machine which features a compact and stylish body with dual washers in the front and bottom of the device. LG says that the bottom washer is said to be used for certain delicate clothes which could lose colors among other clothes. The fixed tub and damping structure of the machine minimize vibrations and noise. The device is able to notify the user through an application when the washing is over, or that the washing powder tray needs refilling. The expected price of the washing machine is AED 14,999.

We also got to check out the LG Signature Series Air Purifier which LG says it’s a class of its own as compared to standard air purifiers. The device uses water to offer better air cleaning than the standard air cleaners. What’s more is that the filter in the device only requires replacement once every 10 years. The expected price of the air purifier is AED 4999.

We also got to see some amazing new, ultra-thin, OLED display technologies, such as wall-based OLED screens, OLED displays that can be used for shopping malls and retailers, airports, smart interactions, and even a dual-curved OLED display that shows content on both its front and back. Check out more in the images below.