No more Galaxy Note7 smartphones allowed on all Emirates and Etihad flights

By Team Feedbaac

Following the news of Galaxy Note7 being banned on all US flights, UAE-based Emirates, and Etihad Airways have officially declared the complete ban of these devices. Earlier, these flights refrained passengers from using the Note7. But now, passengers are warned not to bring these faulty devices due to the risk of it catching fire.

Etihad Airways issued their warning on their Twitter page which said “In the wake of the global recall of the smartphone, we have enforced a total ban on these devices on our flights. These devices have been installed with faulty lithium batteries, which could present a risk of combustion and fire. The safety and security of our passengers and staff is a priority and is of utmost importance.”

A spokesperson from Emirates told Gulf News that “As advised by various aviation regulatory bodies, Emirates can confirm that all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones are prohibited from all Emirates’ flights, including being brought on board in person, as well as in carry-on or checked-in baggage, with immediate effect. Emirates apologizes for the inconvenience caused, however the safety of our ‎customers and crew is of utmost priority”.

Last week, Samsung Gulf declared that their Note7 smartphones can be refunded or exchanged for a Samsung Galaxy S7, or a Galaxy S7 Edge flagship. There is no indication yet if any passenger will face criminal prosecution if they bring a Note7 to the Dubai Airports, or abroad any of the UAE-based flights.