Apple to launch new MacBooks soon, Nintendo announces the Switch Hybrid console, future smartphones with 8GB RAM, and more to read

By Team Feedbaac

A busy week has passed by with loads of happening in the tech industry. Check out the summary of the best news that you might have missed.

  • Apple is on the verge of announcing the long-awaited refreshes for the MacBook Pro portfolio on October 27th. The new models are rumored to feature a secondary new OLED screen panel that allows users to have extra control functionality. It’s also possible that Apple could remove the headphone jack of the MacBook Pro. The device could also feature technologies related to E-ink, the Touch ID sensor, haptic feedback, Intel Kaby Lake processors, and USB Type-C port. Check out more


  • UAE-based airlines such as Emirates and Etihad have officially declared a ban on the use and traveling with the Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone due to the risks of the device being under fire due to faulty batteries. Samsung has also stopped the production of the Note7 smartphone, and has urged users to get the smartphone exchanged or refunded in order to avoid any further burning issues. US-based airports and other airports around the world have also banned the use of the Note7. Click here

  • Nintendo has unveiled their long-awaited NX project, now officially called as the Switch. The new console sets a new trend for gamers who wants to play at home using a dock, and transform it into a handheld console on the go. Nintendo has yet to unveil the specifications of the Switch, and the console is set to release on March 2017. The trailer of the video showed gamers play popular games such as Skyrim on the go with great graphics fidelity. Check out more.


  • Samsung unveils a new type of 8GB Low-power DDR4 RAM chip for smartphones that is theoretically faster than what the PC market has to offer. The new 10nm fabrication process helps smartphone to draw lesser power, bringing more battery life. The new 8GB LPDDR4 RAM chips can help smartphones play heavy data content such as smooth 4K videos, and even run virtual machines on the go. Check out more.

  • Qualcomm has unveiled the first 5G modem for smartphones that can enable phone makers to future proof their upcoming devices to be ready for the next-gen mobile internet connectivity. The new modem is expected to be coupled with future Snapdragon processors that can make its way into future LG, Samsung, Sony and other branded smartphones. Check out more.

  • Jumbo Electronics has initiated the launch of the Amazon Echo smart Bluetooth speaker system that’s popular for its online services, and the Alexa AI system. The device is sold at a price of just AED 999. Check out more.


  • Razer, the popular gaming peripheral brand has acquired THX audio visual company that used to be part of many movies in the past. The acquisition could possibly prove that Razer could use the THX branding for future Razer audio products such as gaming headphones and speakers on laptops. Check out more.


  • At the GITEX Technology Week at the World Trade Centre, Samsung Gulf achieves a Guinness World Record for the most number of participants riding their Gear VR-based VR roller coaster experience in one hour. The record shows 421 users have taken part of the VR experience, putting Dubai on the map as a global hub for Virtual Reality innovation. Check more.


  • During the GITEX Technology show, LG showcased their latest display concepts and the premium Signature Series Home Appliance products, some of the which include the Refrigerator, the Washing Machine, the Air Purifier, and the OLED TV. These products offer different gesture interaction features not seen on any other brand. LG demonstrated the advanced home appliance products and we have recorded what they have to say. Check more.


  • At the GITEX Technology event, the Dubai Police showcased some of their future visions and technologies that can help them to catch criminals who are wanted, using smartphone applications and AR powered software. The boys in green also showcased some advanced robotics and facial recognition systems. Check more.