Take a look at Razer and Nacon’s third-party PS4 controllers

By Team Feedbaac

Sony PlayStation posted an announcement on their blog showcasing two new third-party DualShock 4 controllers set to launch later this year. Aimed at competitive gamers, the Razer Raiju and the Nacon Revolution Pro each come with a set of features and designs that offer customizability and precision for players.

Razer is already known for their Xbox controllers, the Sabertooth (Xbox 360) and Wildcat (Xbox One) and now the Razer Raiju (named for the Japanese mythical beast) takes on the DualShock 4 controller. It comes with two extra bumpers and detachable triggers, a built-in control panel on the front, custom profile buttons and mic controls.

Sure, it doesn’t look the most aesthetically pleasing, but it gets the job done and then some. The braided 3m-long USB cable is detachable and the added analog rubber caps are a welcome addition, although most hardcore and professional gamers have a set of their own.

On the other hand, we have Nacon’s Revolution Pro controller that takes everything we know about the DualShock 4 to the next level. The first thing you notice is the placement of the analog sticks and that it looks a little better.

With four extra shortcut buttons and an eight-way directional pad, there’s a lot of room for customizability and diverse mapping for controls. There is support for up to four custom profiles, configurable using the PC companion app and enables players to re-map buttons, assign macros and adjust sensitivities. Moreover, the controller contains two internal compartments where you can slot in weights to adjust balance and make it feel the way you are most comfortable with.

This is exactly what the DualShock 4 has been lacking all this time. Sure, the default controller design is great, but the lack of customizability when compared to Xbox controllers made it fall short in the competitive scene. With the advent of third-party controllers and the added compatibility with PC games, we might soon see DualShock 4 slowly overtake Xbox controllers as the go to for gaming.