LegoLand Dubai officially opens today, amazes children and visitors with rides and landmark models

By Team Feedbaac

LegoLand Dubai has officially opened the gates for the long-awaited theme park, with over hundreds of Lego fans, visitors and VIPs checking out the new models, fun-rides, restaurants, Lego-themed like towns and so on. The theme park is the first among the three theme parks as a part of the AED 10.5 billion-valued Dubai Parks and Resorts Project.

The MINLAND area comprises of all the Lego-made models of famous buildings and landscapes of Dubai and other wonders of the world. Lego detailed some facts about each and every model displayed, as to how many blocks were used and the amount of time taken to make it. Some models include the Burj Khalifa, the Creek, Sheikh Zayed Road, the Dubai International Airport, Taj Mahal, the Pyramids, the tallest buildings in the world, Palaces, and so on. There was even a moving Metro Rail Train model made out of Lego bricks that depart and arrives at a Lego Metro Station.

LegoLand also had some interesting rides that meant for children, which includes waterboat-like game, the Fire Station, Castles, Spooky rides, and so forth. However, we did notice that many of the interesting rides are still not ready for the general public as of now. You will find many models and objects around the area made out of Lego bricks. Check out the gallery above.