Study confirms that over 75% UAE online shoppers prefer cash on delivery, 80% users shop through smartphones

By Team Feedbaac

UAE-based e-commerce company recently released a study report regarding the number of users who prefer to pay by cash on delivery, or by online payments with credit or debit cards. While online payments are much easier to deal with, the results show that over 75% of online shoppers in the UAE still opts for a cash on delivery method.

Technology research Garter cited that “About 75% percent of online shopping in Middle East is done using cash-on-delivery. This makes the transaction less efficient, takes a longer time to complete the delivery, and tends to have a higher return rate.”

Meanwhile, stated: “There is a great opportunity for e-commerce businesses and payment providers to work closer to offer multiple payment options that consumers in the UAE can use safely and conveniently”.

According to the infographic image above, says that over 80% of the users in the UAE region makes online shopping through their smartphones, following with only 18% users with through a desktop PC, and the least are 2% tablet users. The infographic also shows that only 25% of the online shopping user base count use online payments with credit or debit cards.

The study also indicates that over 74% online shopping customers on are males, and the rest 26% are females.

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