Huawei may have their own “quad-edge” full-screen phone in the making

By Team Feedbaac

There is no question that the Xiaomi blew our minds when they officially unveiled the Mi MIX concept, a smartphone with a 6.4-inch screen that constitutes about 91.3% of the front side. What’s even more surprising is that Xiaomi has already started selling the concept smartphone, which features top of the class specifications. But it appears so that Huawei also has a futuristic concept up their sleeves.

According to a post on Weibo, it seems Huawei is working on a device that features a “Quad-Edge screen”, which is said to have a futuristic design with curved edges on all the four sides. Since the post also reveals the device might hold a borderless and bezel-less design, we may be looking at an all-screen smartphone from Huawei.

Till now, only Samsung had managed to bring out dual edge display smartphones into the market. Other companies such as Huawei recently unveiled the dual-edge Mate 9 flagship smartphone. Speaking of Mate 9, the company is also expected to launch the Mate 9 Pro smartphone on 14th November 2016.