Hyperloop One partners with RTA Dubai to introduce futuristic passenger and cargo network

By Team Feedbaac

Earlier today at the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai, Hyperloop One announced that they will be teaming up with the Road and Transport Authority Dubai in order to pursue a high-speed transport system across the city for passengers and cargo. The network will also be running to and from Abu Dhabi, promising ride times of 12 minutes at a top speed of 1,200 kilometers per hour.

The new video showcases Hyperloop One’s vision for the future including their entire system of autonomous spaces and “pods” that help transport people.  The video also shows off the portal design for the network, which is designed by the architectural firm, BIG, and headed by Bjarke Ingels.

The system consists of various small rooms called “pods” that passengers can hail and seem to be based off of train compartments. The Transporter Capsule takes a cluster of four pods and then uses the Hyperloop tube to whisk them off to their destination. In the video, we can see that the Etihad Towers Hyperport in Abu Dhabi is the first station outside of Dubai and that travels straight to Burj Khalifa. The most surprising bit however is that the pod is ejected from the transporter and then actually drives around autonomously on Sheikh Zayed Road like any other car.

If this isn’t the transport system of the future, we're not sure what is. The conceptual design that Hyperloop One intends to weave into reality certainly seems elegant and somewhat original. Turning what used to be science fiction into a regular, everyday occurence seems to be Hyperloop One's goal.

According to Creative Director of Hyperloop One, Colin Rhys, the cost of a ticket may be equivalent to that of an ordinary bus ticket. "We’ll have different kinds of pods – there’ll be a lux pod and a high capacity pod, where people are standing for more like a transit situation. But there won’t necessary be classes because we want Hyperloop to be as affordable as a bus ticket." he says. 

No costs or exact dates released yet, but Hyperloop One seems to be working in line with UAE’s Vision 2021. Their first full-scale Hyperloop system test is scheduled for early 2017 so we will likely find out more in the first quarter of the year.