Samsung plans to have their own digital assistant on smartphones, wearables, and home appliances

By Team Feedbaac

The scope of having a smart digital assistant on smartphones and other IoT devices has increasingly become useful over time. Apple has Siri integrated in almost all their devices, Google with the new Assistant, and Amazon with Alexa. Samsung is next to jump into the AI bandwagon with their own solution called the Bixby for personal information management.

It appears that Bixby will likely come with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone series that’s touted to launch in 2017, but Samsung has further plans with Bixby. Lee Jae-yong, the vice chairman of Samsung Electronics has confirmed that Samsung would want to expand the use of their new AI across various other devices such as wearables and home appliances.

The information was stated during a meeting with the executives at Viv labs. There is also a good chance that the digital assistant might be called as the Viv, since Bixby is just the registered trademark for the platform. It should be noted that Viv Labs was previously established by the makers of Apple Siri, and then was later acquired by Samsung. This puts out the fact that Samsung’s first digital assistant will indeed get all the expertise to be a true competitor for Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

It’s good to see Samsung goes ahead with advanced technologies and use it in all the types of markets which even includes home appliances. Remember, Samsung also manufactures some of the best home appliances in the market that offer advanced features including networking capabilities.

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