Microsoft Surface Phone could be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor

By Team Feedbaac

While it’s evident that Microsoft will no longer focus on the Lumia brand line-up, previous rumors have been making the rounds that the Redmond company may be working on a “Surface Phone”. The latest reports now indicate that the device may very well make it to the market, sometime next year.

According to Nokia Power User, Microsoft is reportedly working on two different prototypes. These two prototypes share the same processor, but with different RAM capacities: one with 4GB RAM and the other with 6GB RAM. The processor that we are talking here is reported to be the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor.

It’s said that the 6GB RAM model with S830 chipset is able to run x86 programs via Continuum. If this rumor is true, we are looking at the first Windows smartphone capable of running PC-based x86 apps. It may not mean that you can run any Windows desktop app at ease, but it’s a start. The display is apparently 5.5-inches in size with QHD resolution. Also, the smartphone is reportedly compatible with laptop accessories such as a Surface Pro like keyboard and a stylus.

While Windows 10 smartphones weren’t really a success, let’s hope that Microsoft has something left under its sleeves to surprise and woo the hardcore Android and Apple smartphone users.

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