Google CEO: Pixel Smartphone to be launched in the Middle East within two years

By Team Feedbaac

During an event in London, the CEO of Google Inc, Sundar Pichai told the Arabian Business that the company “needs a bit more time” to prepare the launch of the Google Pixel smartphone for the Middle Eastern market. Pichai also acknowledged to Arabian Business that the device would officially be on sale within the next two years “For Sure”.

“We are committed to bringing everything we do, everywhere – and that’s how we think about it. We just need a bit more time. We are early in our journey, which is why (the Pixel smartphone) is not in the Middle East. I wish we were there.”

Google recently released the Google Pixel series smartphones which have been rated as one of the best Android smartphones in the market and is expecting to sell over 3 million units by the end of 2016 and another 6 million in 2017.

Sundar Pichai also stated that Computing is at an exciting stage and to push computing forward we need to think about the other usage that comes with it.

So, as computing evolves beyond the phone you will see it in more contexts. In the context of your daily life I believe you should be able to interact more naturally with it, by getting it to see things, talk naturally…we think this evolution is important, so we need to build the hardware experiences that go with it. That’s why we developed the Pixel – so we can bring these experiences together.”

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