Sennheiser brings world’s most expensive headphones to the UAE

By Team Feedbaac

German audio specialist Sennheiser is launching a new product aimed straight for the audiophiles in the region. The world’s most expensive headphones, the Sennheiser HE1 is coming to the UAE.

Touted as the best headphones ever produced in their luxury line, the Sennheiser HE1 was first showcased at Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January. With a total cost of €50,000 (approx. AED 200,000), the HE1 is the successor to the $30,000 Orpheus which was first launched in 1991.

Featuring the lowest harmonic distortion ever measured in an audio reproduction system and a frequency range that extends beyond human hearing, the HE1 headset is truly a cut above the kind of headsets available in the market right now.