Dubai Police has a technology that can predict criminal activities before it happens

By Team Feedbaac

As a part of the Dubai Police’s innovate ambitions, a new “Crime Prediction Analysis” system which is still in its trail phases is aimed to reduce the number of crimes occurring across the city. The system is said to be capable of predicting a crime before it actually happens.

This new system helps the Police to anticipate areas where the probability of crimes can happen and accordingly increase the presence of the Dubai Police force there if needed, said Brigadier Kamal Butti Al Suwaidi, the Director of the Operations Department at Dubai Police.

At a press conference, the Director mentions that “The system is being used for the first time in the region. It is designed and created by Dubai Police from the scratch and, is designed based on our experiences, specifications and information. There are similar programmes used in other countries, but not exactly the same,” 

The system uses an algorithm derived from 20 years of scientific research. This algorithm uses all the available data from Dubai Police records to predict the crime that can happen next. For a demonstration, Mirdiff was chosen to be examined by the system whether a crime can take place. As per the system, over 2630 incidents happened in that area, including 29 robberies. The system then showcased the crime hotspots where another crime could take place.

Brigadier Al Suwaidi also said, “The system was very accurate, as you can see, a crime did take place in that time frame in an area very near the place the system had predicted”.

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