New smart sensor can monitor the power consumption of your home appliances

By Team Feedbaac

While we have a lot of electronics and home appliances in our home, we do fail to notice exactly how much power is being consumed all the time for each and every product. The only thing that comes to light is when the electricity bill gets delivered to your mailbox. But that’s about to change with the use of a smartphone-sized sensor that can track the amount of electricity consumed for each home appliance in our homes.

A weather data analytics company called Earth Networks created this device that can adhere to our home's breaker system and then can be plugged into a wall socket. Chief Executive Robert Marshall of Earth Networks says that the sensor can track energy consumption and usage pattern of every device in your home. With this data, the user can adjust their usage to save power. They can also find out if any home appliance device has been left on after use.

Despite the progress of smart home devices that can actually turn off after use, there are still many users who use non-connected devices, so this new sensor can be helpful in that matter. The new sensor has been created by Earth Networks and Oakland Labs. Marshall says the sensor is expected to go on sale by the end of 2017.

Daily Herald