RTA Smart Malls officially open in four Dubai Metro Stations

By Team Feedbaac

As a part of UAE’s efforts to transform Dubai as one of the smartest cities in the world, the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has officially opened up the interactive Smart Mall concept to the public on four different Metro Stations in Dubai. The new interactive shopping displays are located at the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) Metro Station, the Damac Metro Station, the Dubai Internet City Station, and the Emirates Towers Station.

Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), said, “The Smart Mall concept rolled out by RTA in collaboration with Etisalat is the first of its kind worldwide enabling Dubai Metro commuters a smart shopping experience via an interactive, high-definition 3D digital screen spanning nine square meters. It enables two people to process their purchase transactions at a time.”.

Al Tayler also added that “The expansion of the Smart Mall initiative follows the success of the first experience of the project, which started with the selling of foodstuffs. More products will be added in the following phase such as clothes and electronics. Two smart screens (kiosks) offering the same services would be in place to provide privacy to clients. In the Smart Mall, the customer can choose from the items on show by adding them to the shopping cart. Then, the customer can pay for items selected using a credit card, and the goods would be delivered at the time and place specified by the customer. RTA is considering other payment options such as NOL cards or mobile phone (Etisalat balance)."

Salvador Anglada, Chief Business Officer at Etisalat, said, “Digital and smart technologies pave the way for future life patterns of people in the UAE. We are proud of our excellent partnership with RTA in launching Phase II of the Smart Mall project following the success of the initial phase. Such a success is an outcome of the huge investments made by Etisalat in upgrading a digital environment that contributes to a positive transformation in the daily lifestyles of individuals, and brings back a value added to users of our networks and reliable digital services.”

Salvador also adds that “Etisalat and the RTA would continue working together to develop creative services and solutions capable of building a sophisticated smart structure and empowering the digital future we are looking forward to. Dubai is a city characterized by a quick tempo that is evident in the daily hectic life of people. In this regard, the Smart Mall project fits well with the quick life trends through capitalizing on the technological advancement of Dubai city. It enables individuals to shop on the go rather than set a time for grocery shopping. Such an exercise makes life easier after a busy day and avails people a time to use in other more important affairs. Thanks to our long experience in (, the first online grocery shop in Dubai, we will contribute to empowering the Smart Mall to deliver best-in-class services and provide thousands of options and products"

Stay tuned for our walk-through of Dubai’s first interactive smart grocery system soon.

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