BenQ launches THX-certified W11000, the world’s first 4K UHD home cinema projector

By Team Feedbaac

There are a multitude of ways your living room can bring you the real cinema experience on demand. BenQ, however, intends to push itself to the forefront of your choices when it comes to the best home cinema projectors. Introducing the grand-daddy of all home projectors, the BenQ W11000.

Delivering the absolute pinnacle of visual quality, the BenQ W11000 is the only DLP 4K UHD projector in the world to earn THX certification. By meeting all the requirements set by the Consumer Technology Association, the W11000 uses it’s true 8.3-millionpixel resolution to replicate the precise experience of attending an actual cinema.

“BenQ is proud to become a part of the UAE’s journey towards becoming one of the world’s most innovative countries by 2021 as we bring the most advanced technologies right into every resident’s home. The UAE was ranked first among Arab countries and 41st worldwide in the Global Innovation Index. We hope to become a pivotal arm in pursuing this country’s dream. We will continue to innovate as we push forward to create the world’s first and best in technology.” said Manish Bakshi, Managing Director of BenQ Middle East & Turkey.

“The crowning achievement of W11000 showcases the extent of BenQ’s technology leadership. No other projector demonstrates mastery of DLP, derived from the same technology in use at 100% of the world’s IMAX auditoriums, with 8.3-millionpixel UHD performance and THX Certification.” Bakshi explained.

The launch event for the W11000, hosted at the Burjuman Mall Vox Cinemas, included a short demo with footage from the movie Life of Pie, showcasing the projector’s vivid colors and gorgeous picture quality. We believe the only downside of the demo was that it had to end before we could complete the entire movie.

Apart from the main attraction, we were also treated to a short clip displayed using BenQ’s W8000 projector, one of the highlights of their flagship W series. The W8000 is also THX HD Display Certified and delivers precise Rec. 709 color fidelity with intimidating contrast. Every detail of the sample video was beautifully reproduced and it was hard to spot any reason not to include one in our own homes.

With the BenQ W11000, over 18 months of rigorous development and 200 THX laboratory tests covering 500 data points ensured strict color accuracy, precise gamma, ideal colour temperatures, enhanced uniformity and super high native contract ration. It stands as an attestation to why the THX Certification is so clearly lauded in the professional community.

While the product is aimed primarily at high-end users, BenQ is planning on tying up with audio-visual providers in the region in order to deliver the complete package of a truly breathtaking cinema experience to consumers.