New Apple iPad Pro launch may likely get delayed due to chip manufacturing issues

By Team Feedbaac

While companies have already placed orders to manufacture new processors for the upcoming smartphones and tablets for 2017, reports hint that Apple might face some issues in launching the new iPad Pro tablets in March 2017. The reason is simply due to the fact that the new 10nm chips are facing a “lower than expected” yield rate.

Apple’s upcoming A10X SoCs is designed to provide a lower consumption, faster performance, and better thermal efficiency using 10nm FinFET process than the previous 16nm FinFET chips. Besides the heavy investment done by TSMC and Samsung to develop buildings for the mass production of the new 10nm silicons, the chip manufacturers are now facing issues in making them due to low yields.

It should be noted that the new Apple A11 processor that’s rumored to feature in the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will also use 10nm fabrication process. Apple is expected to roll out new revisions for the existing Apple iPad Pro for the 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch screen sizes. Let’s not also forget that Apple might also introduce a new screen size in the iPad Pro line-up with a screen size between 10.5 to a 10.9-inch display.