The Dubai Police mobile app gets an update for smarter features

By Team Feedbaac

On Thursday, the Dubai Police updated their iOS app and introduced a slew of new features including an interactive design aimed at better user experiences. One of the major directives of this update was increasing integration with Apple’s Siri voice assistant to enable the visually impaired.

The app also introduced a Dubai Police Keyboard which enabled users to access the app features and services from other applications. Another significant feature of the app is the ability to use a smart camera to take a picture of your surroundings. The app then detects and processes this photo to explain what it contains in a voice over. This feature is targeted towards people with disabilities who can benefit most from the aid.

The Corporate File Property feature enables company representatives and owners to apply for provided services for their staff in one procedure rather than filling out forms separately for each employee.

The new version of the app is currently out for iOS devices on the App Store and will be coming to Android devices as well.