Lenovo unveils their own version of Amazon Echo with Alexa Voice Assistant

By Team Feedbaac

As a part of the CES 2017, Lenovo unveiled the Smart Assistant speaker that looks almost like the Amazon Echo smart speaker system. It’s powered by Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant software itself.

The Lenovo Smart Assistant at first glance looks and works like the Amazon Echo. Ask the Smart Assistant to read the news, schedule timers and work, play music and more. However, Lenovo offers different color schemes such as light green, gray or even orange fabric (reminds of the Google Home color portfolio). Additionally, the microphone area of the speaker looks quite different from Amazon Echo. It doesn’t lie flat rather protruding outwards. It appears this design allows ventilation to cool off the Intel Atom processor.

There are more differences. The Smart Assistant sports eight far-field microphones as compared to the seven that’s seen on the Amazon Echo. There will also be a version with Harman Kardon speakers as well. The prices of these devices will be $130 for the standard model and $180 for the Harman Kardon variant.

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Image Credits: The Verge