Smart glasses using Snapdragon 835 CPU announced at CES 2017

By Team Feedbaac

Osterhout Design Group, a developer and manufacturer of smartglasses and augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies announced two new devices at CES 2017, the R-8 and R-9 smartglasses.

Designed to cater towards consumer and commercial markets, the devices make use of both existing and new applications for existing smartphone devices. The smartglasses are powered by the new Snapdragon 835 processor, leveraging Qualcomm’s VR SDK.

The R-9 smartglasses have a field of view spanning 50-degrees with 1080p resolution. The 13-megapixel front facing camera is capable of shooting 4K video at 60fps or 1080p video at 120 fps. There are also two speakers near the ears and with 128GB storage space, the device will be priced at approximately $1,800 (~ AED 6,600) and will be shipping in the second quarter of 2017.

The more consumer-focused R-8 smartglasses has the same Snapdragon 835 powering it, but with a 720p resolution displayand 40-degree field of view, it has modest specifications in comparison to the R-9. It also comes with dual 1080p stereo cameras and 64GB storage space. The R-8 will be shipping out in the second half of the year and will be priced under $1,000 (~ AED 3,600).