Kingston launches 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT, the world’s highest capacity flash drive

By Team Feedbaac

With computer memory technologies advancing each year, it was just a matter of time that we would see a flash drive which can replace high-capacity hard drives. Kingston’s newest flash drives called the DataTraveler Ultimate GT comes in a massive 1TB and 2TB storage option.

This puts Kingston’s newest drives as the world’s highest capacity flash drives in existence. The new drives with its massive flash storage, is the size of a simple gum stick. For durability, the flash drives come in a zync-alloy casing. However, the drive is based on USB 3.1 and not USB Type-C.

The new high-capacity Kingston 1TB/2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT drives are planned to hit the shelves soon next month. However, pricing is still yet to be decided, and we know for a fact that these drives will be extremely expensive.

The Verge