Samsung announces their gaming notebook series called Odyssey

By Team Feedbaac

Gaming laptops seem to be all the rage these days as Samsung is planning on launching their own line of gamer-centric laptops. With Lenovo’s Legion series being announced at CES as well, 2017 might just be the year of gaming laptops taking center stage.

Samsung has planned a 15.6-inch laptop in February and a 17.3-inch gaming powerhouse in April. Their first offering includes a red-backlit keyboard and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 along with a 7th Generation Intel Core processor.

The upgraded model comes with an RGB-lit keyboard and multiple options for SSD storage as well as up to 64GB RAM. While the graphics card hasn’t been announced yet, it will likely be either a 1060 or 1070. The Notebook Odyssey 17 also comes with a Thunderbolt 3 port for data transfer speeds like no other.

One of the main differentiating features of the Samsung Odyssey Notebook is the HexaFlow Vent, which is a perforated panel at the bottom of the device that helps with airflow and manages to keep it cool during hours of heavy gaming.