Samsung unveils an electric car battery that can be charged up to 80% in just 20 minutes

By Team Feedbaac

Let’s not point at what happened in the past regarding batteries. It happens so that Samsung SDI has developed a new car battery for electric vehicles that has a fast-charge support of 80% power in just 20 minutes. The new batteries that were showcased as a part of the North American International Auto Show 2017, has a driving range of up to 600km.

The new fast-charge car batteries are planned to be mass produced in 2021. Samsung also unveiled new battery modules that offer 10% reduction of components and weight

We are increasingly witnessing a change in many automakers’ sourcing strategy from battery cells to modules in the EV sector; thus, Samsung SDI is expecting a rising customers’ demand in the integrated battery modules.

Samsung also demoed the new “21700” cylindrical batteries that offer improved energy density and performance.

Samsung SDI