Virgin Mobile to launch in the UAE soon, EITC’s second brand apart from du telecom

By Team Feedbaac

Ten years after the successful launch of du, the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), a fully licensed telecommunications operator in the UAE, has officially announced the introduction of its second telecom brand, Virgin Mobile, as a strategic decision to strengthen its telecommunications offerings.

EITC now has the right to fully use and operate the Virgin Mobile brand in the UAE that’s in line with the regulatory obligations and compliances as set by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). The new announcement comes in sync with EITC’s strategic vision of becoming a digital transformation partner and an ICT solutions provider to meet the growing requirements of the fast-paced and dynamic UAE.

“We believe that changing the paradigm when it comes to telecommunications will help bolster innovation and creativity throughout the country, Telecommunications has evolved beyond connectivity to becoming a transformative general purpose vehicle in nurturing a seamless socio-economic framework that is smart and mobile” said Osman Sultan, the Chief Executive Officer of EITC. “Our aim at EITC is to firmly establish the UAE’s leadership as a power centre for the region when it comes to telecommunications by introducing innovative brands that will drive the connectivity agenda in new and unexplored directions.”

“We are thrilled to bring Virgin Mobile as the second EITC brand in the market”, said Karim Ben Kirane, the Managing Director of Virgin Mobile UAE. “We want to bring a differentiated experience, one that truly embraces digitalization.”

Telecommunications transformation is driven by digitization, and EITC is not just enhancing the customer experience, but also creating new and improved propositions that add benefit to consumers and enterprises throughout the country.

“At EITC, we have always worked hard to offer our customers a vision of the future today. Our aim is to ensure a certain level of integrity in all of our products and to nurture trust in our brands. Over the years we have worked relentlessly to support individuals, enterprises and government-led initiatives throughout our brand du, and we look forward to introducing a new brand that will bring additional excitement, and more importantly innovation and connectivity to the UAE”, added Osman Sultan.

While du and Virgin Mobile will be handled by EITC, both these brands will have their own plans and offers, that’s meant for different types of users, and will be considered as separate brands. Expect more news about UAE’s newest telecom brand in the coming months.