Apple recalls 88,770 iPhone 6s units in the UAE due to battery issues

By Feedbaac Team

In an unexpected turn of events, Apple will be recalling over 88,770 iPhone 6s smartphones in the UAE, due to faulty battery issues as per the Ministry of Economy. These Apple iPhone 6s units, that were manufactured in China, between September and October 2015, unexpectedly shuts down due to the battery problems.

Dr Harshim Al Nuaimi, Director of the Consumer Protection Department, said In order for users to determine whether the battery needs to be replaced, customers can visit a customer service centre or use the following link:

The major recall process is carried out in a joint effort and cooperation between the Ministry of Economy and Apple. While Apple will be determining the cause of the problem, there isn’t any word if might cause health hazards so users will not need to be alarmed.

Apple released the Apple iPhone 6s and the Apple iPhone 6s Plus back in September 2015. These devices are now succeeded by the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus smartphones, that were launched back in September 2016.