TAG Heuer Modular to be launched with Android Wear 2.0

By Team Feedbaac

While LG had just recently announced the first Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches, word is it that luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer is now preparing to release their second smartwatch by March 14th with the new software. The new smartwatch will reportedly be called as the TAG Heuer Modular, and has a set of features that will designate the device as a one of a kind Android Wear 2.0 wearable.

According to Android Central’s trusted sources, the TAG Heuer Modular will allow users to fully customize the lugs, along with the capability to swap the straps and clasps of the device. The company says that the previous TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch was successful and had crossed the target of selling over 20,000 units. TAG Heuer realizes that the smartwatch technology is still in its “stone age” and knows that they have to be a part of the platform’s future capability.

While users can debate over the fact that the previous TAG Heuer Connected was simply an overpriced smartwatch as compared with other devices in the market that offer better performance and features, the device was really meant for those who wants the goodness of both the smartwatch and the value of the luxury brand on the go. Let’s hope that the new TAG Heuer Modular is as exciting as the company claims.

Android Central